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Mick Dyck

Collages - Dessins - Gravures

Until, January 13, 2023

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Let you guide

through our erotic origins

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Discover rare and unique pieces

from various civilizations

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Be tempted by CYNTHIA

by Tom Wesselmann

One of the MEM last acquisitions

About the museum

In a charming XVIIIth century house, at the Sablon, you will discover the fantastic history of Erotic art from Antiquity until today.

This private collection, one of the most attractive in Europe, offers you the chance to see some rare pieces of paintings, sculptures, Greco-roman antiquities, Ivory, Japanese prints and other curiosities.

Mythology and Erotism are deeply linked: "Erotism" comes from "eros", the Ancient Greek word for "love" or "desire", personified by the God Eros, son of Hermes and Aphrodite, representing the desire that reunites and creates the worlds.

The purpose of this museum is to show the existence of the erotism since the sexual pleasure has been discovered by humanity.


The museum has been created by Dr. Guy Martens in March 2012 and is the result of his lifelong passion for erotic art. As Doctor’s son and grandson, he has naturally decided to follow the same way in addition to studies in history of art and antiquarian.

At the age of 17, he has started his collection with the acquisition of small ivory pieces called “Netsuke”. Afterwards, he has gather together many other pieces from all kind and all times.

After having acquired more than 800 art pieces, he came up with the amazing idea to expose this beautiful private collection to the public.


Mick Dyck

Collages - Dessins - Gravures
From October 13, 2022
to January 13, 2023

Opening Event:
October 13, 2022 18:00 to 22:00


They talk about the MEM

« ...the museum of erotism and of mythology comes to complete the variety of museums and galleries in the Sablon, giving a glimpse of enlightenment but not libidinous in the art of erotism... »

Frédéric Vandecasserie – Journalist – Espace de Libertés – November 2012

« Competing with other similar erotic art museums around the world, the compositions and pieces of art presented in this Brussels museum are essentially art work, antique collections, graphic art, sculptures and numerous other productions that are worthy of the most beautiful treasures of curiosity... »

Guy Du Soleil – Le carnet du collectionneur

« Somewhat comprehensive museum with an impressive personal collection of over 600 pieces of art, in a small house which the owner, Dr Guy Martens, has bought for the very purpose of hosting his collection as a museum. An establishment of fine art for connoisseurs of history of art, which makes appear the Amsterdam Museum of Eroticism almost as a trivial sex shop. »

Kiril Isakov - November 2017

« Best erotic museum for history, mythology and fascinating artefacts that I’ve seen yet...»

Kathleen from Boston, USA – February 2015

« This is a very unique museum and I would recommend for everybody to visit it. You wouldn’t find this kind of exhibition anywhere else. Loved it ! Thank you. »

Kristina from Lithuania - 2015